Benefits Links & Information

Below are the links to the benefits that are available to you. These resources will help you determine which benefits meet the needs for you and your family.

This information has been prepared as a general summary of the benefits available to our employees. It does provide you with the complete details on all benefits related matters. You should carefully review and research the options available to you before making any enrollment decisions. Only authorized representatives from each plan administrator or benefit plan provider are adequately knowledgeable and experienced to fully address your questions or to assist you with many of the technical aspects of their respective programs. The information contained in these publications and web sites is intended only as a basic summary overview and to provide you with basic points for your consideration. You are invited to contact representatives from the benefit plan in which you are interested for additional information or with specific questions about their respective benefits or coverage.

Should you have any questions regarding these forms you may contact a representative in Employee Benefits at 716-845-4700.

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Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Health Research Inc. - Roswell Park Division