CICR continues to offer free cancer education classes

Center for Indigenous Cancer Research Newsletter

You may have seen advertisements for the Screen to Save program on social media, your local Pennysaver, or in the Talking Circle e-newsletter. CICR is excited to announce that we received funding to continue offering this important education.  

“The Screen to Save program is an opportunity for CICR to connect directly with the people. It  provides a platform to exchange information, while also gauging the pulse and needs of our Indigenous and rural communities,” states Community Health Educator Will Maybee.  

The Screen to Save program provides information about colorectal cancer screening and clinical  trials available at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Maybee goes on to say, “At face value it would be easy to assume people would be quick to ignore these two subjects. For many, cancer screening and clinical trials are not on their radar. However, what I have seen from the people I encounter is a deep desire to learn, and to take ownership of their health. Once provided the opportunity, many people have gone on to receive their cancer screenings after our program. I am optimistic this will continue and CICR can empower others to do the same.”  


For more information or to sign up for the Screen to Save program, email or call Will Maybee at:  




All participants are offered a complimentary $15 gift card for their participation.