Meet Our Patient Advocates: Courtney and Adrian

Coping with a cancer diagnosis can be extremely overwhelming. From managing appointments to coping with the emotional stress, the entire journey can turn your life upside down. That’s where Courtney Kelchlin and Adrian Donaldson come in. They are here to help Roswell Park patients with clarifying any questions or concerns they may have during treatment.

Courtney and Adrian worked together in counseling seven years ago before they came to Roswell Park. They both were looking for careers that would allow them to make a positive impact. They found that and more when they became patient advocates. “Even being able to make one small difference, or take one small stress away for a patient is so rewarding,” Adrian shares.

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While their job is not always easy, it’s filled with beautiful and inspiring moments every single day. “There’s one patient I will never forget,” says Courtney. “After being diagnosed with cancer, she was apprehensive about even getting treated. I ended up going to every single appointment with her to provide support and help her get through it. Today she is alive and doing wonderfully. I’m so grateful we were connected.”

The biggest thing Courtney and Adrian want cancer patients to know? You are not alone in this journey. “We are here to help you. And it’s okay to need help.”

Should you ever wish to speak with Courtney or Adrian, they can be reached at 716-845-1365.