Bill's Journey with Male Breast Cancer

Can men get breast cancer? For Dana and Bill Everett, this question hits close to home. Yes, males can get breast cancer, and yes, it’s something that’s not discussed frequently. 

Watch this video to hear Dana and Bill give their very honest account of a very tough time in their lives. Then, spread awareness about male breast cancer to the men in your life.

The journey Bill has been on over the past year began when he found a lump in the shower. Assuming it wasn’t a big deal, he delayed getting it checked out for a few months. After his doctor ordered a mammography, ultrasound and biopsy, he heard those dreaded three words – you have cancer. Breast cancer. 

Bill’s next few months were filled with a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. But the emotional aspects were the hardest part — telling his wife, telling his three daughters, dealing with the stigma surrounding male breast cancer. All were hurdles he had to overcome. 

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Editor’s Note: Cancer patient outcomes and experiences may vary, even for those with the same type of cancer. An individual patient’s story should not be used as a prediction of how another patient will respond to treatment. Roswell Park is transparent about the survival rates of our patients as compared to national standards, and provides this information, when available, within the cancer type sections of this website.