Meet #TeamRoswell: Adam Kisailus, PhD

Talent Scout For the Future Cancer Workforce

During my post-doctoral fellowship at Roswell Park, I found my true calling – to help students discover their passion for science.

I spent most of my education and training in the lab researching the structure and pathways of cancer cells. I graduated from Georgetown University with a PhD in molecular biology and an ambitious goal of running my own research lab. But my interests started to shift during my fellowship at Roswell Park. I was asked to mentor high school students through Roswell Park’s Summer Research Program – an internship that provides first-hand cancer research and oncology experiences – and I quickly realized that this was the path I was meant to take.

Now, I am the Assistant Dean for Internships and Education Outreach in the Department of Educational Affairs. In other words, I am a talent scout for the future cancer workforce.

Watch the video above to learn more about Adam’s career path and his desire to help students fulfill their dreams.

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