How a Cancer Diagnosis Rekindled a Friendship

Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 4:42pm

Elizabeth and Miranda are two friends with a unique story. They happened to meet years ago in Uganda, Africa during a study abroad trip and Peace Corps program, respectively. Eventually, the pals separated and made their way back to different states in the U.S.

After returning home, Elizabeth heard the dreaded words, “you have thyroid cancer.” Not knowing where to turn and not having any friends her age who had gone through a cancer diagnosis, she felt lost. However, she soon remembered that she had once met someone else with cancer: Miranda.

Elizabeth didn’t hesitate to reach out to Miranda, who was more than willing to be a source of comfort and support. While one lives in Ohio and the other in New York, they do their best to stay in close contact. Miranda even made the trip to Western New York to attend the 2016 Roswell Park Patient Retreat with Elizabeth. The two girls credit their goofy personalities and love of laughter with the ability to cope and move forward as cancer survivors. 

Elizabeth’s words of advice: “There’s no sense drudging through life. If you can have a buddy who you can get together with and laugh and be silly, why not? No matter what age. We’ll probably be 80 and playing hopscotch with children in the street!”

Miranda’s take on cancer: “Don’t let your cancer journey consume you completely. We can let it make the change it’s going to make in us, and hopefully that’s a change for the better to make us live out our passions more. But, it can be dangerous to let it consume you completely and wallow in it.”