5 Cleaning Hacks for Cancer Patients


While many of us don’t enjoy cleaning, we accept it to be a necessary chore of life. A clean, clutter-free home keeps us healthy and happy. However, certain factors can further grow the burden of keeping your abode tidy. Add kids to your life, cleaning gets even harder. Add cancer? Well now it can feel near impossible. Fortunately, there are some tips and hacks that may be useful.

1. Ask for help

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Many loved ones may be at a loss for how they can assist you during this difficult time. When a family member or friend says, “please let me know how I can help,” be specific with your answer. If the laundry is piling up, ask your best friend to stop over once a week to wash and fold. Chances are they will be more than happy to feel like they are doing something, anything, to help.

2. Call in the professionals

Did you know there are nonprofits dedicated specifically to providing low-cost or even free housecleaning for cancer patients? Hop on Google to research some in your area. A national organization, Cleaning for a Reason, will help you find qualified local providers.

3. Create a manageable schedule

Chores can get very overwhelming when you try to complete them all at once. Cancer fatigue is no joke. Learn your limits and plan accordingly. If you know 30 minutes of standing is your maximum, try setting aside a small chunk one day for dishes, one day for laundry, one day for vacuuming, etc. Rest when necessary and break large tasks down into smaller ones. Turn on some music to make it more fun and always drink plenty of water.

4. Alter your cleaning supplies

Get crafty. Attach dusting cloths, scrubbing brushes and other tools to the end of your long mop or broom handle. This will help you avoid bending over or reaching high for certain tasks. Better yet, strap cloths onto the bottom of your feet so you clean as you walk around! Invest in products that only require spraying and washing off without scrubbing (but be sure to check that they are safe for you).

5. Manage your own expectations

Come to terms with the fact that your house will not be as clean as it used to be – and that’s okay. You’re going through one of life’s most difficult challenges and your free time and energy should be spent with the people you love and enjoying the little things. A cancer diagnosis will teach you what is most important in life, don’t miss out on the lesson.