Faculty Focus: Dr. Amy Early


Although I am a new faculty member in Department of Medicine at Roswell Park, I’m actually undergoing my second turn as a physician at this wonderful institute. After completing fellowship training at Roswell Park in 1980, I was a leukemia clinician and researcher here for several years. When the opportunity to return to Roswell Park recently presented itself, I was excited to answer the call. Roswell Park is, and always has been, a very special place to me.

In my new position at Roswell Park, I see patients with breast cancer and other solid tumors at our Amherst Center, but I also spend Mondays at our main downtown location. Working out of both facilities gives me the best of both worlds. The Amherst Center is a small, intimate place where patients and staff know each other very well. We have the closeness of a private practice, but we also have access to the benefits of a comprehensive cancer center.

My focus for many years has been the care of women with breast cancer. I'll continue to see these patients at Roswell Park, while participating in the Institute’s clinical trials. Presently, I’m the Chair of the Consensus Committee, and a member of the Board of Directors, at the American Society of Breast Disease. In 2011, I co-authored a paper that appeared in Breast Journal on gynecological effects of the hormone drugs that we use for breast cancer. This well-received publication addressed an uncertain area of supportive care for women with breast cancer.

I’m energized to return to the place where my career began. After receiving my medical degree from Hahnemann Medical College (now the Drexel University School of Medicine) in 1976, I came to Buffalo for residency training and a fellowship in medical oncology at Roswell Park. Why Buffalo? Roswell Park’s reputation was very well-known and highly regarded. I had heard extraordinary things about the cutting-edge cancer care and exciting research taking place at Roswell Park, and I wanted to be trained by the very best. The fellowship that I received at Roswell Park proved to be a remarkable opportunity. I participated in research activities that most other programs would not have offered at that time.

Truthfully, my husband and I never expected to stay in Western New York for more than a few years. I went into my fellowship and training at Roswell Park thinking that I’d eventually continue my career path elsewhere, but I’m very pleased to say that we have called Buffalo our home for over 30 years.