Roswell Park Volunteers Have the “Magic Touch”

While their tasks may vary, the impact that our volunteers have on our quality patient care at Roswell Park is invaluable. This week we are honoring all of the volunteers who gave their time in 2011. Whether it’s greeting a patient at the door, running an errand for a department or handing out coffee in a reception area, our volunteers truly have the “magic touch,” which is the theme of this year’s Volunteer Recognition Luncheon on April 24, 2012.

We achieved a milestone in 2011. A total of 704 volunteers contributed the highest annual number of hours in the history of volunteerism at Roswell Park—84,726 hours. That is more than 3,500 days in one year!  And it’s truly an achievement worth celebrating.

We have the largest volunteer force in Western New York, and we will continue to grow by adding on second shifts of coffee cart volunteers and front-door greeters.  We currently have 558 active volunteers who give four or more hours per week, and we will soon be expanding to 600.

Volunteer Roles

Our volunteers wear many hats and perform many different tasks, all of which have a positive impact on the experience of our patients, their families and visitors in some way. Examples of volunteer projects and opportunities include:

  • Clerical support, such as mailing projects and sorting
  • Information desk and reception areas
  • Music in the lobby
  • Patient/Visitor greeting and assistance
  • Coffee cart
  • Craft cart
  • Errand/Escort desk

In addition to these, the Roswell Park Spiritual Care Program is currently supported by 59 active volunteers. These volunteers visited more than 20,000 patients in 2011. Another volunteer-supported project is our Gift Shop. In 2011, the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation Gift Shop contributed $153,000 in Quality of Life grants to Roswell Park.  The grants are used to pay for the Creative Arts Team, coffee supplies for the coffee cart and hospitality room, along with other programs that create a more comfortable environment for the patients and their family members.  The 59 volunteers that work in the Gift Shop provide the “magic touch” with their excellent customer service skills.

These are just a few examples of what volunteers do at Roswell Park. All in all, our volunteers provide service in 40 different programs or areas. Learn more about volunteering at Roswell Park.