Undiagnosed Cancers

If you have an undiagnosed cancer we understand how confusing and frightening that can be, and we're here to help.

If you have been referred to our Undiagnosed Cancer Center it’s because you may have signs or symptoms that indicate a possible malignancy, but not a definitive diagnosis. Our medical experts will review your records and may order additional tests, blood work, or schedule a biopsy to determine a diagnosis.

Once we identify the cause and type of your disease, we will then refer you to the appropriate Roswell Park clinic and specialist to plan your treatment options. If these tests are inconclusive, we will continue to monitor your condition. We do not provide cancer treatment without a definitive diagnosis.

Our pathology department tests each patient’s cancer sample for the presence or absence of specific genetic mutations or unique characteristics. This information allows the our team to determine whether a specific patient would benefit from a specific drug or therapy, sparing others from undergoing treatments unlikely to help them.