Our Patient Experience

Our Promise

Working closely with your primary care doctor and your endocrinologist, our world-class team of thyroid and parathyroid experts will support you and your family every step of the way. As a Roswell Park patient, you have our unconditional promise that you will:

  • Have full access to information, services, resources and research protocols
  • Be an active, informed and satisfied participant in all aspects of your thyroid or parathyroid care
  • Receive appropriate care that addresses your individual physical, mental, spiritual, practical and other needs
  • Receive care that is respectful, safe and compassionate

Improving Outcomes Through Multidisciplinary Care

Whether you are being treated for cancer or benign disease of the thyroid or parathyroid glands, you’ll have an entire team of experts from several specialized areas of medicine working together on a treatment plan tailored specifically for you. That’s the hallmark of “multidisciplinary care” at Roswell Park.

Your care will be delivered by the specialists you need, from a team that includes pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, experts in nuclear medicine, nurses and nurse practitioners, genetics counselors, nutritionists, psychologists, social workers, and other highly skilled professionals. They will work together with your primary care physician and endocrinologist to ensure smooth, uninterrupted care, from diagnosis through follow-up.

Quality of Life

From our patients’ perspective, quality health care is more than medical tests and successful treatments. Quality of life – in other words, your ability to enjoy normal life activities – is important to every member of your Roswell Park care team. Recognizing this, we embrace a patient-centered model of care delivery that is respectful, safe and compassionate, and addresses your personal physical, spiritual, cognitive and practical needs.

Arranging For a Second Opinion

Most physicians welcome second opinions, and in most cases, a “second look” by experts will confirm the initial diagnosis and your doctor’s plan. At Roswell Park, most patients who need a second opinion are seen within a week.

To arrange for a second opinion, call 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355) or fill out the online Become a Patient form.

If you do come to Roswell Park only for a second opinion, you are under no obligation to receive care or treatment here.