OmniSeq Comprehensive Profiles Pediatric Tumors to Help Target Treatments

Here at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are excited to feature OmniSeq Comprehensive and Immune Report Card. These are the latest innovation in personalized medicine to help treat our pediatric cancer patients.

We are one of only a few cancer centers to be able to routinely offer this comprehensive testing for our youngest patients. Using technologies that have mostly been used in the research setting only and have taken weeks to months to process, we are able to identify pediatric cancer related mutations that may make a difference in your child’s treatment.

What is OmniSeq Comprehensive?

With new advances in cancer care, we are now able to profile tumors based on gene mutations.

OmniSeq Comprehensive is a molecular test that zeroes in on 144 of the most relevant genes. That helps us help develop a personalized treatment plan for pediatric patients with solid tumors (such as sarcomas, neuroblastoma) and brain tumors with results generally available within 2 weeks.

What is OmniSeq Immune Report Card?

Omniseq Immune Report Card is the first immune profiling test designed to help oncologists select the best immunotherapy options for their patients. The assay integrates five clinical-grade tests that together provide a Comprehensive Immune Profile to optimize likelihood of response to cancer immunotherapy treatment.

How does OmniSeq help my child?

By using targeted therapies instead of traditional chemotherapy and radiation, treatment may possibly be less toxic to your child. It may also lead to a better result by only attacking the cancer cells.

How is my child tested?

A small tumor biopsy is needed, and the tissue may already be stored from a previous surgery or biopsy. The tissue will be sequenced with state-of-the-art DNA sequencing technology, which learns the basic structural unit from which DNA is composed.

Once the sample is obtained, OmniSeq will work with your child’s healthcare team to help the testing process go smoothly and provide a detailed report for your doctor.

What happens after testing?

Results from OmniSeq Comprehensive are sent directly to your doctor.

The results include information about:

  • Therapies that can be used to treat the tumor
  • Precision medicine clinical trials
  • Therapies that treat other tumor types

Your doctor will review the results of the testing with other experts at our monthly pediatric molecular tumor board and then work to add the findings into your child’s treatment.

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