Age and Stage at Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Age at Diagnosis

The majority of patients with pancreas cancer in the United States are diagnosed in the sixth and seventh decades. Luckily, pancreatic cancer under age 50 is quite uncommon. A larger proportion of younger patients are treated at Roswell Park compared to National Data due to our unique reputation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Stage at Diagnosis

The stage of cancer is a reflection of the size of the cancer, the presence or absence of spread of the cancer to lymph nodes, or the presence or absence of spread of the cancer to other organs in the body. Knowing the stage helps doctors identify the best treatment. The majority of Pancreas Cancer is diagnosed as Stage IV (Distant or Metastatic) disease. Compared to National Data, Roswell Park treats higher percentages of patients in stages 2, 3, and most noticeably stage 4. This reflects the fact that Roswell Park is a resource for individuals in the region with more advanced cancer who specifically choose to come to the Roswell for their care. Many of these patients are referred to Roswell Park for its well known management of this complicated cancer with multimodality treatment options.