Drs Flores and Reid, alongside several Roswell Park teams, helped to deliver care that earned the Commission on Cancer designation.

We Meet Your Needs as a Survivor

Roswell Park does not stop taking care of you when your active treatment ends.

Treatment for lymphoma can cause side effects years into the future. The types of side effects will depend on the types of treatment you received, but they can include the development of new cancers — including blood cancers — and heart problems.

We will provide you with a survivorship care plan to share with your primary care doctor to help guide your long-term care. It will provide recommendations for cancer screening and other tests, such as routine blood tests and cardiac tests, which you will need for five years following treatment; an annual chest X-ray; and annual mammograms for seven years.

We offer the screening and follow-up services you’ll need in one location, including mammography and other medical imaging, specialized dental services and a clinic specifically for those who have had a bone marrow (stem cell) transplant or other cellular therapies

You may also need or want nutrition counseling, rehabilitation therapy and/or emotional support. Our survivorship services cover those needs, too, and we provide yoga, mindfulness/meditation and other wellness programs to help you stay healthy into the future.