Our Patient Experience

Dr. Dexter explains the pathway of care for our lung cancer patients.

Our Promise

Working closely with your primary care doctor, our world-class team of lung cancer experts will be at your side and your family’s side, every step of the way. As a Roswell Park patient, you have our unconditional promise that you will also have full access to information, options, services, resources and research protocols, and be an active, informed and satisfied participant in all aspects of your lung cancer care.

Improving Outcomes Through Multidisciplinary Care

No one fights lung cancer alone.

That’s why, from the moment we admit you until the day you go home our experts engage in an extraordinary kind of teamwork that we call our multidisciplinary care approach.

Roswell Park patients have a unique advantage. Dr. Nwogu explains why a multidisciplinary approach offers more treatment options.

Multidisciplinary (combining and coordinating many specialized areas of medicine) might seem like a buzzword now, but when we adopted it, it was a foreign concept. Our founder, Dr. Roswell Park, pioneered the idea in 1898. He placed the patient at the center of a diverse team of specialists, each with a deep understanding of an essential medical discipline, and each devoted to sharing insights and observations with one another. The new approach got notable results: cancer patients began to live longer.

Since then, we’ve expanded our understanding of cancer beyond anything Dr. Park could have imagined. And we’ve kept pace by constantly refining our multidisciplinary care. Today, we’re the largest multidisciplinary group in Western New York specifically designed to treat patients with lung cancers.

We call on the best combination of pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, and chemotherapy and radiotherapy specialists — as well as research scientists, nurses and nurse practitioners, rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, social workers, pain management experts, genetics counselors, nutritionists, among others — that your unique case requires. In turn, they collaborate with your primary care physician to tailor your treatment plan and ensure continuity of care from diagnosis through long-term follow-up.

One-Day Clinics

Lung cancer patients requiring multimodality treatment have the added benefit and efficiency of the Multidisciplinary Clinic, or “Multi-D Clinic.” The lung cancer team creates a comprehensive care plan, tailored to your individual needs and preferences; and you and your family are afforded the opportunity to meet and ask questions of each member of your health care team all in the same day.

The Multi-D Clinic is of particular convenience for patients from out of town or those requiring special transportation arrangements. Patients are notified in advance to prepare for a full day at Roswell Park.

Meeting of the Minds

The Lung Cancer Team also holds weekly meetings, assembling specialists around the table. At these behind-the-scenes meeting of the minds, the team discusses challenging cases, all of which demand a comprehensive approach to achieve the best possible treatment outcome.

Quality of Life

Quality health care is more than medical tests and successful treatments. Quality of life — in other words, your ability to enjoy normal life activities — is important to every member of the Roswell Park lung team. Recognizing this, we embrace a patient-centered model of care delivery that is respectful, safe and compassionate, and addresses your individual physical, spiritual, cognitive and practical needs.

Living with Cancer

At Roswell Park, we believe that survivorship begins at diagnosis and lasts a lifetime, with uninterrupted access to specialized cancer care and support. We want to ensure that any early warning signs of recurrence are detected and treated immediately; that all your present and long-term needs — physical, psychosocial, nutritional, spiritual, legal — related to living with cancer are met; and that routine preventive and follow-up care is always available to enhance your health, well-being and peace of mind.

Customized Treatment Plans

Each Roswell Park patient receives a customized treatment and post-treatment plan; and ongoing communication between Roswell Park and the patient’s primary care physician continues long after treatment ends.

When your cancer has been treated, you will continue to be seen in the High-Risk Program. This team will see you at least once a year to make sure that any new cancers are caught and treated early.

And, even if you did NOT receive your lung cancer care at Roswell Park, you can still be a part of our Lung Cancer Survivor Program, which provides a lifetime of support and surveillance to anyone for which a recurrence or relapse is a possibility.