Liver Cancer Research

In the past decade, Roswell Park offered 94 clinical trials for gastrointestinal cancer patients. Dr. Iyer stresses the importance of choosing a high-volume cancer center.

In the Pipeline and Under Study

Advanced liver cancer patients have just one approved therapy and novel therapies are desperately needed. We are pioneering more effective treatments and prevention measures, providing patients with more options to maximize their chance for a cure.


In July 2013, Dr. lyer launched a new trial funded by the NCCN, titled a "Multicenter Phase 2 study of tivozanib in patients with advanced inoperable hepatocellular carcinoma." Tivozanib is an oral drug that targets blood tumor angiogenesis and has a very favorable side effect profile. Roswell will be the lead site with additional participation by Case Western, Cleveland Clinic and Ohio State University.


Can a simple blood test measure immune function and predict outcomes in liver cancer patients? In a second NCCN funded trial, Dr. Thanavala, along with liver cancer specialist Dr. Iyer, will examine the role of immune cells to predict response to sorafenib. This work may provide a much needed biomarker for patients who may benefit from this therapy and allow patients to make better treatment choices.

Participate In a Clinical Trial

Clinical research studies are available to patients with liver cancer. Search available clinical research studies for liver cancer, or call 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355).