Breast Treatment Surgery Outcomes

Transparency and Benchmarking
Quality improvement depends on monitoring of treatment, feedback of information to the treating staff, and developing interventions to address any barriers to care. Roswell Park and the Breast Program are committed to this ongoing process and to transparency in sharing these data with the public.

The Breast Program keeps detailed information on the treatment provided to all patients for the purpose of ongoing quality evaluation. In this section, examples of these data and comparisons to national benchmarking data are provided. These comparisons are for illustrative purposes only. Given the lack of available national treatment data, it is not possible to completely compare treatments. This would require a detailed statistical analysis including individual information on every patient’s age, type and stage of cancer, and other illnesses. However, these comparisons are useful for overall benchmarking.

For surgical care, Roswell Park offers the full range of options ranging from breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) to mastectomy with advanced reconstructive surgery.

The pie charts below show the rate of breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) by stage. For Stage I cancers, the best national estimates are that about 70% of women are appropriately treated with lumpectomy. Roswell Park achieves this rate, and, even for Stage III cancers, performs breast-conserving surgery in one-third of the cases.