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Your Caregiver

You will need a personal caregiver who can provide around-the-clock assistance, managing medications and provide additional care, for several weeks after you are discharged from the hospital. Your caregiver may be a trusted relative or friend.

All caregivers prepare for their role by participating in a two-hour orientation program that explains all medical aspects of the transplant. Roswell Park was the first cancer center in the nation to create such a program, recognizing that this preparation is extremely important for relieving stress and creating the safest environment for the patient’s recovery.

During the orientation program, we will provide your caregiver with the information they’ll need to assist you during your recovery, including coping with the emotional, physical, and other issues you may experience after your transplant. Your caregiver will receive a personalized care manual developed by our Roswell Park team to provide an additional layer of support.

From A Caregiver

Caregiver, Ola Nowosad, shares her story:
When we first learned of the opportunity to have BMT at Roswell Park, we had no idea of what lay ahead. We traveled from London, Ontario to Roswell Park for probably the most important meeting of our lives. As Roman met with his physicians and had medical tests, I attended a caregivers’ orientation where an experienced nurse explained my new role.

No Caregiver Available?

If no one is able to stay with you as a caregiver during the 100 days after your transplant, we can make arrangements for you to stay in an assisted living apartment at Elderwood in nearby Williamsville, New York. Williamsville is a walkable village with many shops, restaurants, and nearby parks.

This location provides medication management, weekly housekeeping, laundry services, and free WiFi. Elderwood also provides round-trip transportation between their residence and Roswell Park. Each apartment includes a kitchenette and private bath. The residence features a screened porch, landscaped courtyard, and walking paths.