DNA Banking

DNA banking involves drawing of a blood specimen and sending it to a qualified laboratory to extract the genetic material (DNA) and store it so that it is available for potential future genetic testing and/or research. This is a method to potentially allow for availability of DNA in the future, from an individual with cancer, so that testing for increased cancer susceptibility can be pursued at a more convenient time or when new or additional genetic testing becomes available. This may be important to potentially understanding cancer risk in unaffected relatives. Release of the stored material can only be authorized by the individual or relative/person designated to have that authority. The cost of DNA banking ranges between approximately $90-$450 (out-of-pocket), depending upon the laboratory, the number of years the specimen is to be stored, and a few other factors. 

In most cases, DNA banking (the blood draw and related paperwork) can be coordinated through your physician’s office.  If you have questions regarding DNA banking and/or are interested in pursuing please call Genetic Screening at 716-845-8400.