BMT Survivor - Marilyn Caraballo Diaz

Marilyn Caraballo Diaz was 22 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. She underwent a blood stem cell transplant using her own cells and has being doing well in the eight years since then. Visiting Roswell Park’s Annual BMT Survivorship Clinic is part of her plan for staying healthy — and that’s especially important for this mother of four.

Members of the clinic’s medical team “make sure you are fine,” says Ms. Caraballo Diaz. “The doctors are excellent; the nurses are excellent. They treat you with courtesy, love, and kindness. They do everything possible to make you feel well.”

“The results are excellent. I have my health, and I’m able to enjoy my children.”

The interview with Ms. Caraballo Diaz, conducted in Spanish, was made possible by Roswell Park’s association with Language Line, which provides professional medical interpretation in more than 170 languages.