BMT Survivor - David Felton

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It takes David Felton three-and-a-half hours to drive to Roswell Park from his home in Hamilton, New York, for his visit to the BMT Long-Term Survivorship Clinic, but “I look forward to it every year,” he says.

Now retired, the former president and CEO of Community Memorial Hospital in Hamilton underwent an autologous blood stem cell transplant at Roswell Park in 2005. Since then, members of the medical team in the BMT Survivorship Clinic have kept him up to date on the latest research about the long-term effects of blood and marrow transplantation.

The clinic team “always has a couple of recommendations,” he says. “Previously there were some immunizations I had to have. This year they suggested that my primary care physician order a bone-density scan and that my cardiologist order a stress test and echocardiogram because of some of the chemo I was on prior to the transplant. They’re right on top of things.”

The clinic visits are also important because “they reassure patients that they are on the right track,” he adds.

Looking back on his transplant and nine years of follow-up appointments, Mr. Felton says the care he has received at Roswell Park is truly great. "Everybody — from the housekeepers, the security guard, the parking attendant, and the nurses, to Dr. McCarthy and his staff — has been just outstanding."

“As a hospital CEO, I used my experience at Roswell Park in my education programs for employees, to show how they can have terrific patient satisfaction and a thoughtful approach to patient care.

“People should know that there really is a difference. In addition to the excellent clinical care you get at Roswell, it’s that personal approach to care.”