Patient Access

Patient Access - This publication helps to explain frequently asked questions about coming to Roswell Park.

First Time at Roswell Park?

How Are Remnant Biospecimens Used for Research? - Help find a cure: donate your leftover specimens to research. Read the detailed brochure for more information.

Roswell Park Health Care Proxy Form

New York State Health Care Proxy Forms – The New York Health Care Proxy Law allows you to appoint someone you trust to make health care decisions for you. The link will take you to the Department of Health website where you can download the most appropriate form for your circumstances.

Questions to Ask Your Roswell Physician

  • What is my diagnosis?
  • What is the stage of my disease?
  • What are my treatment choices? Which would you recommend for me?
  • What are the chances that my treatment will be successful?
  • Would a clinical trial be appropriate for me?
  • What are the risks and side-effects of each treatment?
  • How long will the treatment last?
  • Will I have to change my normal activities?
  • What will the treatment cost?
  • How will I cope? How will my family cope?