Ashwani Sood, PhD

Department of Immunology
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Special Interests: 
To evaluate PDEF as an antigen for primary prevention of breast cancer
To develop PDEF based vaccines and T cell therapies against metastatic breast cancer
To identify PDEF regulated genes and determine their role in breast cancer
To develop PDEF induced proteins as additional targets of vaccine/immunotherapy of breast cancer


Dr. Ashwani K. Sood joined the staff of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in 1983 as a cancer research scientist in the Department of Immunology. In 2001 he was named as assistant member of the department. He also participates as a faculty member with the University at Buffalo. Previous to joining RPCI he was a member of the Department of Human Genetics at Yale University.


Education and Training: 
PhD (Organic Chemistry) University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
Professional Memberships: 
American Association for Cancer Research