OmniSeq Target

OmniSeq Target™ Helps to Integrate Personalized Genomic Medicine in Routine Cancer Care

OmniSeq Target™ is a multi-analyte test platform developed by the Center for Personalized Medicine at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) to determine the presence or absence of relevant tumor genomic alterations that impact therapeutic decisions. It employs two state-of-the-art, next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, the Ion Torrent Genome Machine (PGM) and the Illumina MiSeq, to analyze all exons for 20 genes (AKT1, ALK, BRAF, CTNNB1, DDR2, EGFR, HER2, GNA11, GNAQ, JAK2, KIT, KRAS, MEK1, NRAS, PDGFRA, PIK3CA, PTEN, RET, SMAD4 and SMO) using a methodology that optimizes sensitivity and minimizes false-positive results. Amplifications in ERBB2, FGFR1 and MET are identified with Nanostring’s digital detection technology, which follows CAP/ASCO guidelines. Fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) technology is used to detect chromosomal rearrangements in ALK, RET and ROS1.

The Advantages of OmniSeq Target™

One of the advantages of using OmniSeq Target™ is the link to a dynamically-updated knowledge database containing relevant information about clinically-actionable mutations. Another advantage is that it categorically reports whether the test was able to successfully evaluate each actionable alteration in the panel. The clinician can check the status of the test in the EMR or with online tools. Most important, results are delivered well within 10 working days upon receipt of adequate specimen.

Next Steps

At RPCI, OmniSeq Target™ is requested for our advanced-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. The results guide therapeutic decisions, such as the recommendation for the use of a targeted therapy or referral to an appropriate clinical trial suitable for an identified genomic alteration. However, challenges remain in terms of reimbursement for NGS technologies in general. Roswell Park will be partnering with additional institutions to address reimbursement and other challenges.

RPCI Center for Personalized Medicine

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