Just a Phone Call Away

The Central Access Line is Roswell Park’s main number at 716-845-2300, and all public-facing telephone lines flow into this central area. There are over a dozen associates, who have been trained as Cancer Information Specialists and provide answers and support to any inquiry you or your patients may have.

This team also manages the physician line — (716) 845-RPMD — and provides immediate service to connect you to a specific physician, another disease-site team member or one of our physician liaisons 24/7, 365 days a week.

Around-the-Clock Nurse Triage for Our Patients

Treatment-related issues can be frightening to patients, especially those who have more complicated situations. For this reason, we have a nurse triage program for patients with question or concerns. Oftentimes, the questions are standard and can be handled by nurses on the phone or through video conferencing. For more complicated situations, the nurses will contact the patient’s physician who will determine whether the patient can be managed at home, should come to our Assessment and Treatment Center or go to the nearest emergency department.

Working in close coordination with the team in the Assessment and Treatment Center, led by Laura Mango, MD, ATC Medical Director, the hospitalist team and your patient’s Roswell Park attending physician, we are more equipped than ever to assess and manage those evening, weekend and holiday care issues.

Roswell Park’s ATC – For Patients’ Urgent Medical Issues

The Assessment and Treatment Center (ATC) at Roswell Park is a special treatment center for Roswell Park patients. The ATC is meant for urgent medical issues related to cancer or cancer treatment side effects. Working closely with our Roswell Park physicians, many tests and treatments, including blood transfusions, can be done in the ATC. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you need to talk with a member of the ATC team, please call the RPMD number at (716) 845-7763.