Roswell Park answers questions from our Community Partners

Frequently Asked Questions by our Community Colleagues

Why Should I Choose Roswell Park for My Patient’s Cancer Care?

  • Roswell Park has comprehensive cancer programs for all cancers. As one of 51 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers and a member of the National Comprehensive Care Network — a body of national experts who write cancer care guidelines — we provide many of the therapies offered at other nationally designated comprehensive cancer programs throughout the country. In fact, many of our experts have worked in these centers and continue to collaborate on innovative translational research with their national colleagues, in order to bring the most advanced therapies to Western New York. If there is a new therapy not available at Roswell Park for your patient, we will either work to bring it to Roswell Park, or we will make arrangements, with the patient and their insurance carrier, to provide out-of-area coverage, if medically necessary. Our goal is to help cancer patients avoid the financial, emotional and other hardships caused by traveling long distances for cancer care.

Does Roswell Park Accept All Insurances?

  • Between Roswell Park and its Care Network members, we accept plans from all health insurance providers and continue to expand our coverage portfolio, as Roswell Park is acknowledged as a Center of Excellence for cancer care. Our new patient representatives work closely with patients and their health insurance programs to provide optimal coverage to meet their needs. It is rare that we cannot accept a patient due to their insurance situation.

Is It Hard to Get an Appointment at Roswell Park?

  • Patients referred to Roswell Park from our community colleagues or patients who self-refer are given an appointment within days of their call. Patients are getting timely appointments with the most appropriate disease- site team. We know how stressful a diagnosis of cancer can be, and we work quickly to move things along for our patients.

Does a Patient Have to Have a Diagnosis of Cancer to Get an Appointment?

  • Patients who have a suspicion of cancer are welcomed at Roswell Park, and we see these patients in our disease-site centers, high-risk centers, when appropriate, or through the undiagnosed cancer center. Our pathologists and diagnostic radiologists are the experts in their fields and subspecialize in various types of cancer. They also have a national network they can consult with for those rare cases.

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