Visitor Policy at Roswell Park

Roswell Park Cancer Institute recognizes the importance visitors may have to our patients. The following guidelines were developed to assure that the patient and their visitors would have the maximum benefits from the experience without compromising patient care, confidentiality and security.

Visitors are allowed with the permission of the patient. At any time a patient may request to limit or restrict visitors. These requests must be communicated to the patient's care team members.

Patient visitors should visit the Main Lobby Information Desk receptionist for patient information. General visiting hours are between 11 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. daily. The number of visitors per patient are limited to two at any one time. Exceptions to visiting hours may be accommodated if requested by the patient. These requests should be discussed with the patient's care team members.

Patients on 5E, 5W, 5N, the Pediatric Unit (6N) and the Intensive Care Unit have additional criteria for visitors. Please check with staff on the unit for more information. Please Note: Fresh flowers and plants are not permitted on these units. The unit staff and the Roswell Park Gift Shop personnel may be consulted for alternate gift options that are permissible and will be enjoyed.

Influenza Season Visitor Information

Your loved ones depend on us to take the best possible care we can of them. We need you to do your part, too, and put our patients first. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or are suffering with a head cold, we ask you to reconsider your visit. If you need to visit, then we ask you to wear a surgical/isolation mask prior to entering a patient care unit. You can find these masks at all nursing stations.